Philadelphia, PA
The Speakeasy
Broken Trigger
Up From The Grave
Under Rage

BOB: This show was kind of lame... Though I do like playing on a stage with colorful lights... There were like, a handful of people there, all interested in playing pool and getting drunk... But they seemed to like our music. They at least put their beers down to clap after each song. The sound guy was cool though, he was easy to talk to and helped us with how we needed to set up and everything. The guy at the door was cool too, let me get Mike and Christina in even though they are only 18, but they had ID, so it was cool. Our set was pretty good, I missed one part though because I couldn't hear the amp too well, but I made do and pulled it off. I couldn't really hear the bass at all though. We stayed for like, one song by the next band and then we said fuck this, loaded up the cars, and left to go to Denny's... Which was funner than the show.

SKWERL: So we ended up playing The Speakeasy, but we didn't get the confirmation until the night before the show. Talk about short notice... We had no time to get word out to anyone or anything besides a couple close friends. We were told we were playing second, but we knew going in that second and on time, at a show like this anyway, meant we were going on first. See... Nobody likes playing first. So if you're a band set to play first, and you're a bunch of jerks, all you have to do is show up late. This forces the organizer, who has a curfew, to put on whoever is ready to go, despite the fact that you probably deserved the spot you had. It's the oldest and lamest trick in the book. Now I'm not saying any of the other bands at this show did anything like this purposefully, I'm just saying we knew what to expect.
Our set was a little longer than the one we did at Hobo Camp. We did some new songs I had never played live before. And we threw Castrate in at the last minute, for Lauren. We pulled it off even though we haven't played it, not even at practice, in almost a year. So the set was: Mechanism, DFC, Journey Home, Extent Of The Law, Plague, Animal, I Used To Live Here, Castrate, Poisoned Earth, Kingdom Come, Breed, and What's Left. The bar crowd reacted more positively than I expected, at least to our more rocking, less crusty songs like I Used To Live Here and What's Left. Oh, and they really seemed to dig Plague.
Not to dis the Speakeasy, but the show was kinda weird for all of us. At the house shows, everyone knows each other, and everyone is there to rock the fuck out. If there's a stage, everyone's up against it or on it with us. At this show, everyone besides Lauren, Mike and Christina, and a couple dudes from one of the other bands (I think Up From The Grave) just kinda hung back bobbing their heads and drinking their beers, not breaking much of a sweat. I rocked out and had fun, but at the same time I was kinda treating it like a practice. No sour grapes though. Like I said, I had fun, and I'm genuinely happy to play fucking anywhere. More on

Photos by Lauren