Columbus, OH
Bernie's Distillery
Under Rage

BOB: This show was really good... I had a feeling it would be as soon as we walked in. Everyone was really nice and Joe Walsh was playing on the jukebox. The first band of the night were OK... The singer looked like he had had a stroke though... didn't move around AT ALL. Then we went on and the crowd reacted really good and went nuts. Then it was time for MDC... Really cool people, and they played really well too. We sold some merch, met some cool people... All in all, it was a good night.

SKWERL: This show kicked ass from the moment we walked in the door. Everyone was really cool, and the place was packed with an energetic and diverse crowd. The kids went up close to the stage even for the first band, Apokabok, who were pretty good, though they didn't move around much. I got to talking with the bassist from MDC, who was really cool. They're going to be in LA when we're there, and we might hook up for another show, or we'll at least come check each other out at separate shows. As we plugged in and tuned up, this big drunk dude with no teeth kept asking us to "play Batman." Apparently, it's some sort of Bernie's tradition to play the Batman theme song, so we handed this crazy dude one of the mics, and started playing the song while he belted out the words. It was completely stupid and obnoxious, and it got the whole place in a great mood as we ripped into our set, which was Mechanism, Journey Home, Intergalactic Plague, I Used To Live Here, Extent Of The Law, Flames, Poisoned Earth, Kingdom Come, Breed, and then What's Left. We kicked fucking ass. The crowd was awesome, and we just fed off it so much. We were all flying around, screaming along, stepping off the low stage into the crowd, "interacting" with the kids. We sounded great, and we all played really well. Playing Plague earlier than usual was a great idea, because that song gets everyone nice and riled up if they're not already. I Used To Live Here, Extent Of The Law, Breed and What's Left were once again big crowd pleasers. But even during Mechanism, the very first song, kids were going nuts for us. We were on top of the world from the first note to the last.
After our set, April set up the shirts and CDs at the merch table with Fred, MDC's merch girl, while us guys loaded the van back up in time to catch as much of MDC's set as we could. Those guys have been around for a really long time, and it shows. Great energy, great songs. I had as much fun watching them as I did playing our set. As soon as they were done, I headed back to April to check up on things, and a few kids had gathered around to buy our CD. So many kids genuinely dug us, and couldn't stop telling us how much fun they had and how they were going to tell all their friends about us. It was so great. I mean, we've had great experiences playing for our friends in Philly, but coming to a town we've never played before and getting a reception like that is just such an awesome feeling. There was a girl in a band telling April how she wanted to be as good as us, and that Ape's performance helped convince her that she could pull it off and have a truly tough girl-fronted band. The door guy even bought a CD and a shirt. He told me that he sees a lot of bands come through, night after night, and that while so many blow, we were one of the better ones. God, it feels good to rock.
All in all, Columbus kicked complete ass. It was an honor playing with MDC, and they were all so fucking friendly and cool to us, despite the fact that they're probably the "biggest" band we're playing with on this tour, with a touring staff and roadies, and a whole trailer just for merch. They fucking rocked, and I can't wait to see them again in LA.

Photos by Under Rage