Milwaukee, WI
2838 North Fratney
  High On Crime
Under Rage
People Again

BOB: Milwaukee was soo good. EVERYONE loved us and went insane... The pit was so intense... And we stayed over Robert Collins' house... This guy was so generous and awesome. He cooked for us, let us stay at his house in his awesome guest bedroom, it was such a great time, and his wife is really cool too. The show was really fun, all the bands rocked and were really cool. Everyone kept thanking us for playing... it felt good. I used the same kit as everyone else, but it turned out to be fine... It was a nice drum kit and it was fuzzy.
Milwaukee is full of big spiders... everywhere... it was nasty. And the city dies around 5:30. That was so wierd.

APRIL: Milwaukee rocked!
When we first pulled up to the house, we saw a small group of crusty kids, so right away I had a good feeling. Everyone was nice and welcoming. The first 2 bands were really good, and everyone got into them. When we started, a small amount of people were watching, but as we continued, the crowd grew. They loved us! They went crazy, they were moshing and it was so good to see women up front!
I've never sweat so much while we played. I got beer spilled on me, in my eyes and hair. Someone was tossing some kind of baby powder around, but it was so great. Now we're on our way to the Kremlin in Minneapolis. We hope it's as good as last night.

SKWERL: Our show in Milwaukee was set up by Robert from Artimus Pyle, who Under Rage played with a year or two ago in Philly. It was Suruk, People Again, us, and then Robert's new band, High On Crime. The show got moved around a bit before settling at a house on North Fratney, and this was the first show there.
I had heard so many good things about Robert, and he still exceeded expectations with incredible hospitality. He had thought of everything. He welcomed us into his house on Achilles with dinner, a delicious vegan lasagna cooked with greens from his own backyard. His place was awesome, and we spent a bit of time there before the show hanging out, listening to his stories, getting tour advice, and checking out the curiosities. Among them were hundreds of Virgin Marys and crucifixes set up all over the place, and a whole room dedicated to Willie Nelson paraphenalia. I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs about his house, and particularly his legendary bathroom. I think I'll save the rest for a future journal entry. Suffice to say Robert is the fucking man.
I'm not sure where to begin explaining how good this show was. All the bands kicked ass. The crowd kicked ass. Everyone was so fucking into it, shouting and going crazy, rabid for every song. Once again, the crowd energy fueled ours, and we played one of the tightest and most ape shit crazy sets we've ever played. Shawn was on fire. It was like he came out of his shell. Before Poisoned Earth he just went off about what the song was about, and you could hear the emotion and anger in his voice and words. It was a side of him I'd never seen before, and I've known him since we were kids. It was so fucking awesome. He went off again before Breed / Human Nature and I swear it gave me wood. At one point during Beauty Of Destruction, the crowd was moving like a huge wave, a huge tide of bodies crashing in. I will never forget it. We closed with What's Left as usual, and I couldn't get over how tight it sounded. As we packed up, High On Crime joked with us about it being our "hot single." I walked outside to get some air, and everyone was coming up to us, shaking our hands and thanking us. It felt so fucking good. We rocked.
Our set was Mechanism, Journey Home, Intergalactic Plague, Extent Of The Law, I Used To Live Here, Poisoned Earth, Kingdom Come, Human Nature, Beauty Of Destruction, and then What's Left.
I love Milwaukee.

Photos by High On Crime & Under Rage