Minneapolis, MN
The Kremlin
  El Punkeke And The Aliens
Under Rage
The Agenda
The Mojo Spleens

BOB: This was an alright show for a weekday. Met some cool people, and pet some cool dogs. The bands were pretty cool; Ganglion were fun, and so was this surf type band that I forget the name of, but were actually pretty good.
We went on and rocked out, it wasn't a big deal, but I still had fun... had barely enough room for my drums and me, which I hate, but it wasn't too bad.

SKWERL: We got into town around 6, and our show was set to start at 9. We found a little cafe to charge batteries and check email, and then checked into The Kremlin at about 8. We were welcomed by Clint from Red Menace, who would be playing with us in a surf punk duo called The Mojo Spleens. They played second, after Ganglion, and then it was The Agenda, us, and finally El Punkeke And The Aliens.
The turnout was relatively light. The Kremlin has been known to host some crazy shows, but it was a Tuesday, after all. The kids that were there were our crowd at least; a lot of crusties and travelers.
This was a good night, but it wasn't that crazy kind of lose your fucking head type good. It was lighthearted, fun, and eclectic, and everyone got along. Ganglion was impressively tight, and I remember getting a bit jealous of their bassist. She made me want to take playing more seriously. The Mojo Spleens kicked ass; They covered Dick Dale and Link Wray classics, and did a bunch of originals, all with crazy punk drums. I had heard of surf punk before, but it hadn't quite occured to me how awesome a combination it could be until this show. The Agenda came on after The Mojo Spleens, and blasted through a really fun set complete with screaming, blood, and nudity. Each band seemed to have the attention of a slightly different section of the total crowd in attendance, which is understandable given the eclectic lineup, and I imagine there were a lot of crusties outside and around that didn't pay to get into the basement. So when we took the stage after The Agenda, it was to a pretty small audience. Still, the energy was really positive, and the kids that were there got into it. We blasted through the same set we did in Milwaukee, though Shawn was so tired from driving (he's doing all of it), we skipped Beauty Of Destruction. El Punkeke was a three piece, 2/3 Argentinian and 1/3 Mexican I believe. They sounded a bit more old school than us; I'd compare them to The Dead Kennedys.
All in all, Minneapolis was a good time. I look forward to playing there again someday, hopefully on a weekend though. Oh, and we should get in touch with Clint, as we just heard that a tornado came ripping through town right after we left. Hope everyone's alright up there.

Photos by Under Rage