Des Moines, IA
Hairy Marys
  Under Rage
Toxic Vomit
Patrick Swayze's Ghost

SKWERL: This was the show that almost sucked. We got to the venue around 5, which is the time we were told to show up. Noone was there, and there was no mention of our show anywhere. Not even on the venue's own calendar or front door. By 5:30 or so, we were starting to get really worried, so we went into a head shop across the street to see if any of the locals had any helpful information. Luckily, someone who worked at Hairy Marys happened to be stopping into the shop just as we were, overheard our questions, and took us back over to help us get to the bottom of things. The show was on, though the lineup had changed drastically, and we were worried about who would show up with no promotion at all as far as we could see. I mean, we were trying to stay positive and not bitch about shit, but it was a little stressful. It all turned out completely fine though. Joey from Suburban Scum, who I booked the show through, showed up around 6, and let us know what was up. We would be headlining the all ages show with two young local bands, who by then had started to show up with a bunch of their friends. Ah, the wonders of word of mouth promotion around school. The rest of the band seemed a little worried that the kids would just see their friends' bands and then split, with it being a school night and all, but I had higher hopes. Those younger kids kick fucking ass man. They show up to rock. They're not there to look cool, drink, or get laid, and they're a lot more open minded than the jaded scenesters. Sure enough, they all stuck around, and they treated us like we were the hugest band in the world, and for a little while, they convinced us that we were. It felt great. This was the biggest stage we've ever played on, and when we stood at the front and signaled the kids to circle pit, they fucking did it. They were screaming for us from the moment we introduced ourselves and the first song, and we had a fucking blast rocking out with them. Des Moines has officially been added to the list of places we'd be happy to return to.

BOB: This looked bad at first... But turned out to be very fun. We played on a really big stage with bright lights for a bunch of highschool / middle school kids... And they know how to have a fun time at a show... I guess since they are still young, the weight of the world hasn't beaten them down yet... Ha. They were stage diving and circle pitting like crazy... And it wasn't Chicago, so there's that. We even had our own backstage / green room thing to relax and get ready or whatever... which was pretty cool... but strange for us.

Photos by Under Rage