Lawrence, KS
The Haunted Kitchen
Under Rage
Holey Bucket
Boo And Boo Too

BOB: This show was pretty cool... The people here were awesome and nice... Except for this one douchebag that me and the others had our eye on... some Christian asshole taking questionable pictures of all the females... we were about to destroy him if we had to... but other than that, everyone was cool. Made a few cool friends, noticed they had the Terrifyer LP by Pig Destroyer in their record collection, which is bad ass in my book. We played with some folk band that kinda creeped me out... We went on, and everyone liked it and had a good time, which is always good. Saw a few people that we met earlier in the day... Before the show I had a slice of pizza that was enormous... like, I can't even describe it... it was just really big... and good. Also bought a pair of drum sticks... Good times.

SKWERL: For a good time, go to Lawrence, Kansas. I'm not kidding. This town as a whole gave us the warmest reception out of everywhere we've played so far. Everyone treated us like we grew up there, and the kids had actually heard of us somehow and were looking forward to the show. Everywhere we went, we'd run into someone we had seen somewhere else, and they'd talk to us some more and help us around. We were directed to a radical library with couches and free internet, to a music store where we could get some drumsticks and strings, and to a street corner where free vegan food would be served before the show. Everyone smiled as we passed, some waved hello, some introduced themselves. It wasn't as creepy as you might think, either. It was all genuine and cool.
The show was set to start pretty late, between 9 and 10. This gave us plenty of time to get acquainted with the house and everyone that had showed up. We got really comfortable with everyone, rocking out in between sets to music the girls would put on upstairs, everything from Scorpions to Warren G. Actually, it was more like nothing but Scorpions and Warren G. I heard Regulators like 3 times I think. Whatever, it was all good. Oh yeah, and everyone got pretty wasted.
The kids who ran the house came up to me at some point asking out of mere curiosity where the show came from. Despite it being their place, they apparently didn't really know the local bands that were playing, and had no idea who booked the show, but they went along with it anyway, and worked it as they would any other. We had some laughs as we all shrugged our shoulders (I really didn't know anything either), and I walked away impressed with their attitude.
I found this show through this dude Kumar on MySpace, and he plays drums in a noisy band called Boo And Boo Too. Think Modest Mouse with a dash of The Locust. They played first, setting the mood to something much closer to a party than a show. Everyone was dancing and fucking with each other, the boys and the girls were hitting on us, and oh yeah, everyone got pretty wasted.
After Boo And Boo Too, a local folk noise band called Holey Bucket set up. These guys were interesting. Everyone switched instruments throughout the set, which included drums, acoustic guitar, bass, washboard, banjo, and a jug. One kid, who primarily played bass, was one of the kids we had been shown around town by before the show, and he apparently was the culprit behind hand drawn chalk flyers promoting the show on walls and sidewalks all over town. They were fun, but very... not angry. I started joking around with the kids there that we were going to ruin the mood, but they kept reassuring us that we wouldn't, and that a lot of kids had come to see us and rock the fuck out. And I knew that the band going on after us, Herbivore (also or formerly known as I Want Skulls) was heavy like us, so I held some faith despite the jokes.
Our turn to play came, and we were all in a great mood. Our set was Mechanism, Journey Home, Death For Convenience, Plague, Poisoned Earth, Kingdom Come, Breed, Beauty Of Destruction, and What's Left. It was weird not doing I Used To Live Here or any of the songs we've been rotating in and out over the past week, but it's good to mix things up. Our set was technically one of the tightest we've played (with me anyway) besides a couple dropped sticks. The energy was really great, and I was doing my crazy shit, jumping off the kick drum into the crowd and such. We got some good photos thanks to this dude Zack, who was pretty cool to us at first, but got very drunk and a little creepy towards April and the other girls in the place as the night went on.
As it turned out, we didn't ruin the mood, and everyone rocked out for us and Herbivore. The metalheads and crusties found their way down to the basement, and a good chunk of the rest of the crowd got into it as well. We got a lot of handshakes and compliments, and sold a bunch of CDs. The kids seemed to want us to stick around, but we had a pretty long drive to Oklahoma ahead of us, and a nasty storm hitting town. Rain was coming down by the bucket, and lightning was lighting up the horizon like Las Vegas. The van hit some floodwater and hydroplaned on the way out, but luckily Shawn handled it and managed to keep us on the road. We made it safely out of Kansas, and now we're heading to Enid.

Photos by Zack & Under Rage