Enid, OK
American Legion VFW Hall
P.D.A. / Trip C
Under Rage

BOB: This one wasn't bad really... We ended up playing for like, 5 kids... But these kids were so fucking cool... They really got into us and afterwards we all hung out and they came back with pizza for us and we all sat around playing acoustic guitars and eating pizza, getting to know one another. So we exchanged email addresses and shit. These other kids came up to me while I was taking down my drums and they asked me to autograph a drumstick for them and told me how much they liked us and that they wish we could play all night... which was really cool... But I always feel kinda weird when people ask me for autographs... like I'm a rockstar or something... Ha.
Tonight turned out to be really cool... Despite the fact that we played with some hip hop groups, which was pretty cool I guess. And despite the fact that sometimes my brand of comedy can be, while funny, also rude and fucked up... I'll end with that.

SKWERL: This was another one that almost sucked. The show was heavily promoted (5,000 fliers handed out in a town with a total population of 35,000), but as the doors opened, not too many kids had shown up despite it being a Friday night in a town with not much else to offer... Besides a high school football game, which may or may not have been too much for us to compete with in a town like Enid, Oklahoma.
We always say that we'd rather play for one kid that gets us and has a good time than for 100 kids who don't give a fuck, and well... Nights like this prove it. On the bill with us was 2 or 3 local hip hop acts. We were totally cool with that, but it was obvious that we'd basically be a nuisance stuck in between as originally planned. I mean, we try to expect our crowds to have open minds when there's eclectic lineups, especially in towns where we know there's not much else to do, but the kids that the hip hop acts brought were extreme. All these pudgy 16 year old girls dressed like... Well, complete sluts. I'm not trying to be mean, but really... They were all just completely hooched out to the absolute max. Tits were coming out, panties were constantly visible, everyone was grinding up against each other like horny dogs. We saw all this coming, so we decided to play first and get out of their hair. I'm just glad the rest of the band had a sense of humor about it. Shawn introduced the set by saying something to the effect of "Hello, we're Under Rage, a crust punk band from Philadelphia... This is probably going to be awkward for all of us..." Before blasting into Mechanism over laughter.
Aside from the hoochies, there were a couple small groups of cool kids that were interested in seeing us. Before we went on, I took a walk with some of them, and this dude Mike, who set up the show. We walked a few blocks to the nearest hangout for kids, some Christian youth group rec center type thing, and talked all these junior high school kids into escaping and coming down to the show. I got some shit from the band for coming back with kids so young, but what the fuck.
This hall just looked like a big jungle gym to me. High ceiling clearance, shit to jump on, shit to jump over... I had some fun with all of it, taking huge flying leaps off of the tall PA speakers. Shawn and April's voices were both pretty thrashed, Shawn's especially, but we got through a decent set. I don't have the list handy, but we did I Used To Live Here, Extent Of The Law, and Animal... Skipped Beauty Of Destruction again, for the sake of Shawn's voice.
We ended up hanging out a bit with Mike and the core group of cool kids, the ones I had taken the walk with. They brought us pizza and soda and we all had a really great time. While we were hanging around in the lobby, some of the others came up to get autographs which was pretty funny, and some of the junior high kids thought April was the chick from Evanescence.
Ah well, it all turned out alright. Those few cool kids really made our night. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to them, and also to Mike and his mom for letting us in to cook up some ramen and check our email.
Oh, and Mike's mom totally showed up at the show and rocked out.

Photos by Mike