Lubbock, TX
Media Blitz House
  Under Rage
Johnny Handgunn
Magoop 82
John Reeve

SKWERL: I think we were all pretty worn down rolling into Lubbock. Shawn's voice was completely thrashed, I was coming down with some kind of head cold, and we hadn't had a day off since Chicago. Despite it being Bush's country, God's country, despite all the omens, we remained optimistic given all the good things we had heard about Lubbock kids.
The Media Blitz House was very welcoming. Tony cooked a big pot of awesome vegan pasta for us, which I ate a lot of. I had to drink a lot of water with it though because it was spicy as hell. We hung around for a bit before the show, talking some shit and getting to know the local kids that had shown up early. I read a lot of the Maus II graphic novel, which I found lying on a table. I gotta pick those books up when I get back to LA, they're great.
John Reeve opened the night with a solo acoustic set. It was fun and quirky, and everyone came down to the basement to check it out. After John Reeve, Magoop 82 set up, who did the 30 second long grind songs thing a la Chainsaw To The Face or The Agenda. The kids went nuts though, running around and having fun with it. In the center of the room was a carpeted pole that everyone circle pitted around the whole night. After Magoop's set, I took a walk with Bob down to the end of the street for some pizza (he couldn't eat Tony's spicy vegan stuff; doctor's orders). By the time we got back we had missed a hip hop set from this skinny dude with a big bright green mohawk everyone called Fatty. Shawn and April said it was alright, and I felt bad for taking so long. After Fatty's set, Johnny Handgunn set up, who seemed to be a pretty popular local band. I have to admit I wasn't really going for the Misfits makeup and haircuts, complete with skeleton gloves and the cover of Astro Zombies, but they were cool guys, and the kids went nuts for them. Bob and I had to park our asses in between the insane pit and our equipment once the floor got wet and people started slipping and shit. The last thing we needed was some punker's head through one of the drums, or an amp.
As we saw how nuts everyone was going for Johnny Handgunn, we began to worry that they had only come to see them, and that they'd just split once they were done. As we set up, there were only a few kids in the basement waiting. But as we ripped into Mechanism, everyone came back down. The place was packed. We were so relieved, and it gave us the energy we probably couldn't have found any other way. They went nuts, so we did too. We played a great set and had so much fucking fun. It was another great night, and we were all on top of the world again.
Our set was Mechanism, Journey Home, Death For Convenience, Intergalactic Plague, Animal, Poisoned Earth, Kingdom Come, Breed, Beauty Of Destruction, and What's Left. We were sure to play the vegan & environmentally themed songs given Lubbock's proximity to slaughterhouses and landfills, and of course we had to play Kingdom Come in Bush's home state. The kids were begging for more, and made us promise them a longer set next time. After we finished, before we had even left the basement, every kid in the place lined up to shake all of our hands and thank us. It was incredible. I think we really rocked them good. They certainly did a number on us. The Lubbock kids totally lived up to their reputation. I can't wait to go back.

BOB: This show was really awesome. Everyone was cool as shit, Tony especially... He's an awesome dude. When we went on everyone went nuts and begged for more... And if you're ever in Lubbock, go to Orlando's... they have great pizza. When we were loading up the van I noticed this young kid was wearing one of our shirts, which was really cool. All in all, Lubbock was great, and I hope we play at The Media Blitz house again someday.

Photos by Under Rage