Long Beach, CA
Linden Haus
Under Rage
After The Mass

SKWERL: We played Kris' house on Linden Avenue in Long Beach, and had a blast. The house is really unique, with a yard in the center of the property, which makes for a really cool centralized hangout area with enough room for everyone and their destructive habits, and it gives almost every room a front door to outside. The room most or all bands play in at Linden Haus shows is fucking tiny, easily the smallest we had ever seen, even smaller than Hobo Camp. 7 kids would easily pack it to capacity, and there were about 50 kids there for this show.
The night got off to a late start due to a delayed arrival of the PA system. After The Mass went on first, and they were pretty cool. It was absolutely crazy though, all the kids packed in and moshing in that tiny room and in the hallway leading into it. Cops were expected by 11 PM, so we went on second and played in the kitchen to save setup time and also to give us slightly more room... slightly. There was barely enough space for us, with the amps and PA stuff all stacked up, or on countertops. Still, kids packed in and went nuts. Andy, Erin, and River came with Ché which was awesome. River had gotten a new bass for his birthday that day, so we taught him Breed real quick, and I let him take my place to break it in properly. He did alright for barely knowing the song. He missed a couple cues, but threw in some fancy shit. The kid's 12 years old, but he goes to school for that shit and takes it seriously. It made his night, and mine too. It was so cool.
We opened with Journey Home, and then went into Mechanism, which I think was a great idea. Then it was Plague, Extent Of The Law, Flames, Poisoned Earth, Kingdom Come, Breed, and What's Left.
After us, another band went on in the smaller room. I forget their name, even though it was told to me a bunch of times... It was some odd word I had never heard before. But they were awesome, and they managed to finish their set; the cops didn't come.

Photos by Erin or Nikki & Under Rage